Hutchison Girls Have Strong Showing at Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards

Hutchison girls won an impressive 75 Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards this year, with 17 Gold Keys, 29 Silver Keys, and 29 Honorable Mentions.
With these 75 awards, our girls won more total awards than any other independent school. See the full list of winners below.
The Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards offers the girls a chance to compete on a regional and national level. It is an opportunity for them to be recognized for the hard work that goes in to their art. It is also a way for the public to see the level of work that is produced on a consistent basis by Hutchison’s visual art department.
The Fine Arts curriculum at Hutchison provides our girls with the opportunity to practice and excel in many disciplines of art including: drawing and illustration, photography, fashion, sculpture, mixed media, jewelry making, painting, printmaking, and film and animation. Led by professional, working artists, Hutchison’s Fine Arts program is a perfect complement to its strong academic program. In addition to offering a way for girls to express their creativity, practicing an art discipline helps strengthen confidence, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
“Art does for the right brain what math does for the left, which is why it is important for every student, not just the girls who want to become artists, to have an art education,” said artist Jeanette Leake, middle and upper school art teacher. “Art helps girls think visually and gives them the tools to express their thoughts and ideas in technically strong and creative ways.”
Below is a list of Hutchison’s Scholastic Art Winners.
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Gold Key Winners
  • Annsley Barton '19: Drawing & Illustration
  • Lawson Bolton '22: Photography
  • Caroline Erb '22: Photography
  • Genevieve Geno '22: Photography
  • Anne Grinder '19: Two Keys in Drawing & Illustration
  • Amellia Hausmann '21: Drawing & Illustration
  • Michelle Lee '19: Drawing & Illustration
  • Izabella Moore '22: Photography
  • Madison Morris '20: Drawing & Illustration
  • Caroline Seamons '20: Drawing & Illustration
  • Sydney Shy '20: Drawing & Illustration
  • Isabella Smith '22: Three Keys in Photography
  • Nora Tillmanns '19: One Key in Art Portfolio and One Key in Jewelry
Silver Key Winners
  • Demi Angelakis '20: Painting
  • Annsley Barton '19: Drawing & Illustration
  • Sarah Beth Bland '19: Photography
  • Grace Clement '20: Two Keys in Painting
  • Anne Grinder '19: One Key in Art Portfolio and Two Keys in Drawing & Illustration
  • Eva Leake '19: One Key in Art Portfolio and Two Keys in Drawing & Illustration
  • Michelle Lee '19: Two Keys in Drawing & Illustration
  • Madison Morris '20: Two Keys in Painting and Two Keys in Drawing & Illustration
  • Isabella Smith '22: Three Keys in Photography
  • Grace Ellsworth '21: Painting
  • Genevieve Geno '22: Photography
  • Millie Mencke '20: Photography
  • Anne Wilkes Skipworth '20: Drawing & Illustration
  • Mia Temme '21: Photography
  • Nora Tillmanns '19: Jewelry
  • Mayers Wallace '20: Drawing & Illustration
  • Marilyn Wiener '20: Drawing & Illustration
  • Stephanie Woodbury '22: Photography
Honorable Mention Winners
  • Emerson Applegate '22: Photography
  • Annsley Barton '19: Art Portfolio
  • Grace Clement '20: One in Drawing & Illustration and Two in Printmaking
  • Taylor Houston '19: Two in Mixed Media and One in Fashion
  • Eva Leake '19: Two in Drawing & Illustration and One in Sculpture
  • Madison Morris '20: One Each in Printmaking, Painting, and Mixed Media
  • Nora Tillmanns '19: One in Jewelry and One in Drawing & Illustration
  • Shade Webb '20: Two in Drawing & Illustration
  • Dabney Collier '20: Drawing & Illustration
  • Caroline Couch '20: Film & Animation
  • Kate Downs '21: Drawing & Illustration
  • Grace Ellsworth '21: Painting
  • Anne Grinder '19: Drawing & Illustration
  • Amellia Hausmann '21: Sculpture
  • Michelle Lee '19: Art Portfolio
  • Camille Mattingly '22: Printmaking
  • Sydney Shy '20: Drawing & Illustration
  • Isabella Smith '22: Photography
  • Emily Waggoner '20: Fashion
  • Stephanie Woodbury '22: Printmaking
The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art will exhibit Gold Key winning artwork from January 26-February 24, and host an awards ceremony for Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention winners on Saturday, February 16. For the specific times of each award ceremony, click here.

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