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  • Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

    Hutchison Leads is a nationally-recognized leadership development program designed to empower young women to become 21st century leaders through experiences in public policy development, private sector initiatives, civic responsibility, and service learning. Hutchison Leads was established through a generous gift by alumna Abigail Ware Williams '89 and her husband, Duncan Williams.

Leadership Opportunities

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  • Rogers Scholars

    The Rogers Scholars at Hutchison offers an enriching and inspiring community-based curriculum for our girls. With an emphasis on experiential learning focusing on Memphis issues, history, and culture, this program empowers girls to consider, reflect and discuss options, solutions, and action plans relating to topics such as food insecurity, health care, education reform, poverty, and social justice. In forums held beyond our school walls, the girls' intellectual curiosity grows and develops through an invigorating process - the process of young minds engaging and gaining knowledge. Throughout the year, the Rogers Scholars cohort meets with leadership teams from local nonprofit organizations, as well as community leaders and involved citizens, to better understand complex issues that our girls can then confront with confidence and compassion. Rogers Scholars was established by the Rogers Family.

    Each year, the Laura Hampton Rogers Community Commitment Award is given to a junior or senior who has demonstrated the most interest in and commitment to the Memphis community.
  • Internships & Fellowships

    Part of what makes the internship and fellowship program at Hutchison so extraordinary is that it captures a unique period in the lives of our girls and builds on the leadership and learning journeys that have characterized their time at Hutchison. These experiences provide girls with a glimpse of the surgeons, lawyers, veterinarians, and architects that they will become in the not-so-distant future. Every summer a group of rising seniors complete summer internships and fellowships to gain hands-on experience in a field of interest.

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  • Student Council

    More than 80 girls serve in Student Council at Hutchison in elected leadership positions, with eight separate councils that have a President, Vice President, and Secretary, as well as a class representative per grade. The councils include Athletic Council, Chapel Council, Community Service Council, Fine Arts Council, Honor Council, Peer Council, Student Life Council, and Technology Council. In addition, each class has officers including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Girls in leadership positions within the councils organize events and help guide the student culture in the Upper School. The Student Council at Hutchison is entirely led by the girls, with a network of advisors supporting, encouraging, and reflecting. With events and activities ranging from daily convocation, weekly chapel, the Sting Fling, Transition Day, Black and Gold Day, peer mentor groups, the Heart and Soul Talent Show, and much more, the Student Council provides many opportunities for girls to hone their leadership skills.

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