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  • Every Alumna Has a Story to Tell

    She's a doctor, a teacher, an entrepreneur, an executive leader, an artist, a public servant, and so much more. 

    She’s a Hutchison girl.

Meet Julie Rim Huygen ’87

    • After graduating from Harvard and getting a law degree, Colonel Huygen followed her dreams of traveling the world as an Air Force Judge Advocate.


Meet Jamie Blythe ’95

    • Jamie Blythe is a fifth-generation farmer who has brought sustainability and modern agricultural technology to increase farming yields while also improving environmental impact on the 3,800-acre family farm.


Meet Dr. Kelly Rodney Arnold ’96

    • Dr. Kelly Rodney Arnold ’96 is the medical director and founder of Clínica Médicos, a medical clinic modeled after global mission hospitals, which makes quality healthcare accessible to the underserved Latino community in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She also serves as Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at UT COM/Erlanger.

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Meet Dr. Susan Emmett ’01

    • Dr. Susan Emmett is working to change disparities for those experiencing hearing loss in areas where there is limited access to ear and hearing care. Together with colleagues from around the world, they are striving to create equity in hearing care.

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Meet Brittany Trimble ’08

    • Captain Trimble always knew she wanted to be a fighter pilot. It was the more challenging path, but she knew that it would bring the most joy. These days she flies F-16s in the United States Air Force.

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MEET Kimberly Glankler Holley ’94

    • Kimberly Glankler Holley ’94 remembers watching a canine certification test at the Tennessee Task Force One (TNTF-1) training center: “I crawled up on the rubble, and I watched the dogs work and I said, ‘Yup. This is what I want to do.’ ” After years working in corporate marketing, Holley became a certified K9 Search Specialist and responds to disaster areas near and far.

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Meet Keisha Perry Walker ’97

    • Keisha Perry Walker ’97 is the innovative principal behind The Perry Law Group, LLC (PLG), a corporate, entertainment, and real estate law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout her career, Mrs. Perry Walker has successfully negotiated deals against some of the largest and most influential law firms and attorneys in the entertainment industry.

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Meet Ebet Roberts ’63

    • Ebet Roberts '63 has seen her fair share of legendary musicians, but her work as a photographer over the past four decades has made her a rock star. David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Prince, and the Rolling Stones are just a few of the big names she's photographed.

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Meet Shannon Cowles Latham ’83

    • Shannon Cowles Latham ’83, is the founder and owner of Little English, a specialty children’s clothing line.

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Meet Laurie Stanton ’65

    • For 50 years, Laurie Stanton shared her joy of learning with others at Hutchison as a teacher, and then as a school administrator. But before that she was a student here too.

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Meet Ellen Gannaway Lail ’84

    • When Ellen Gannaway Lail ’84 meets with a Fortune 100 client, chances are she will be the only woman in the room. As Regional Sales Director at Pure Storage, a data storage company, Lail has managed to succeed in a competitive, male-dominated industry.

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Meet Keenon McCloy ’86

    • Walking around the immense Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library with Keenon McCloy ’86, who has been the Director of the Memphis Public Libraries since 2008, you begin to notice something: she is excited to say hello to everyone who works there. What you discover is that everyone is happy to see her, say hello, and begin a conversation. You might chalk that up to employees being nice to their boss, but it’s not that. They are clearly enthusiastic about their jobs and McCloy.

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  • Hutchison Strong

    Contact us today to tour our campus and see firsthand why Hutchison is the best school in Memphis for your daughter.

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  • 9:1

    Student-Teacher Ratio
    Small classes provide personalized attention and engaged learning
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  • $11.9m

    Merit Aid Scholarships
    Graduates have their choice of nation’s top colleges and universities.
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  • 70+

    Athletic Teams
    Varsity program has launched college careers, multiple state championships.
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  • 21

    AP Courses
    Innovative courses include computer science, studio art design, and physics.
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  • 52

    Acres of campus
    With lake and farm, lush campus is unique learning lab for all grades. 
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  • 80%

    Advanced Degrees
    Faculty expertise further enhanced by school’s visiting scholars program.
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  • 600

    Seats in Theater
    Top notch facility has inspired careers in acting, set design, and sound.
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