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Investing in Social Change Makers

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  • Economics and Entrepreneurship Meet for Greater Good

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    Hutchison Invests equips girls with the foundation they need to build, lead, and navigate the world of entrepreneurship successfully. Focused on creative entrepreneurship, micro and macro economics, responsible investments, and the civic role of business and finance, this program explores the impact of positive social change in the business world. Girls will be given the space to discover their own ability to create value and contribute to the world as they solve problems that are real and matter to them. Having gone through this process, we want our girls to feel more empowered, inspired, supported and willing to take calculated risks.

Opportunities to Turn Ideas Into Action

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  • Enterprise Society

    Broaden your general knowledge base of business, finance and entrepreneurship through participation in Enterprise Society where you will dig into a myriad of topics including; economics, international marketing, design thinking, branding and business model generation. Enterprise Society members also run and operate the Holiday House Market which is an all-girls market that features budding upper school entrepreneurs who sell their products and services to Hutchison families, faculty and staff.
  • Entrepreneurship Class

    Learn how to identify and solve real and urgent problems that local businesses and entrepreneurs face by being immersed into a three-week cycle to design evidence-based solutions for the problem.  The three-week cycle will be repeated as girls solve 2-3 different startup problems throughout the semester. Businesses and problems are selected so that the work is increasingly challenging and that a breadth and depth of learning terrain that touches all nine segments of the business model canvas is covered. This class is team-based and competitive and teaches critical thinking, analytical and creative problem solving skills that encompass science, technology, engineering and math through hands-on educational challenges.
  • Hutchison Xchange

    Learn the value of investing, the purpose of stocks and how they affect the economy and our daily lives by joining the Hutchison Xchange.  Members of “The Xchange” will spend the fall semester learning how to read stock tables, understanding the meaning of stock symbols, percentage points and profits and losses.  At the beginning of second semester, members will get connected to the global economy through virtual investing and real world learning while competing against 25 other teams in TN in the stock market game.
  • Philanthropic Literacy

    Through the Philanthropic Literacy Board, upper school girls build and manage an endowment fund in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis and then determine how to distribute grants to Memphis-area nonprofits. Participating on the board, girls learn about the formidable responsibilities that come with how and why particular projects and organizations receive funding. The student-run board solicits requests for proposals, evaluates applicants, and manages the grants once they are awarded.
  • Beeline Bazaar

    One longstanding entrepreneurial tradition at Hutchison is the annual student-run Beeline Bazaar. Each year, the junior class enlists vendors for the event, manages and negotiates contracts, markets the event, and balances the budget. Proceeds from the bazaar directly impact the community through the Hutchison Community Service Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis.

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