Student Culture & Support

Mind, Body & Spirit

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  • A Healthy Learning Environment

    Hutchison is committed to the parallel development of mind, body, and spirit of girls. We create a culture that is mindful of the girls’ wellness and social-emotional needs in addition to their performance in the classroom.

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  • A Sense of Belonging

    A sense of belonging empowers girls and creates a healthy and balanced student experience. Hutchison has a nurturing environment where girls feel secure with their connections to faculty and peers. These connections help them feel confident when asking for help, academic or otherwise, and in supporting and learning from one another. Our advisory groups, classroom activities, and retreats are ways that Hutchison provides the optimal settings for meaningful connections.  

    Social-emotional learning is a part of every Hutchison girl’s experience and includes learning about communication, self-care, mindfulness, appreciating differences, and ethical decision-making. Early Childhood and Lower School girls learn social-emotional skills in homeroom and in “Special Time” with the counselor. They develop skills to build friendships, resolve conflicts, and be self-aware in age-appropriate ways. Middle and Upper School advisories and class activities build community and continue to provide a small group setting continued social and emotional skill-building. The opportunities allow girls to build rapport with caring adults invested in their social, emotional, and academic success.

Beyond the Classroom

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  • Academic Support

While Hutchison has a rigorous academic program and high expectations for students, we are committed to providing support for the individual learning needs of each girl. Each school division has unique and age appropriate ways for supporting students as they meet academic challenges.

Girls who meet our admissions requirements and who have a documented learning diagnosis are provided accommodations consistent with Hutchison’s commitment to academic excellence and future college success. The middle school and upper school learning specialists receive the documentation and develop an individual learning plan. They work closely with students, teachers, parents, and our administrative team to support the girls. In Early Childhood and Lower School reading specialist monitors progress with early literacy and collaborates with teachers on skill building.

Both middle and upper school girls have free-time built into their daily schedule. Girls are encouraged to “own” their learning and use these blocks to proactively seek additional help from teachers as needed.  In Upper School girls can access the on-site Math Labs with a full time math teacher throughout the day.  A writing lab for peer editing of papers and a language lab are also available to students and is under the direction of their respective departments.

A Holistic Approach

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  • Counseling

Counseling services are a part of everyday life for the girls to support emotional, social, and developmental well-being. Three full-time counselors work with student, parents, and faculty proactively to address issues, provide crisis intervention and offer referrals as necessary.  Counselors and advisors collaborate on student culture issues and common concerns children and adolescents face each year.

Our school counselors are a good resource for parents struggling with psychosocial concerns that may be affecting their daughter’s experience at school. Counselors  help with a wide array of issues including social isolation, friendship issues, feelings of grief and loss, and family changes. The counseling team has the professional expertise to work with a girl and her family to figure out strategies to get the student the help she needs.

Habits for a Lifetime

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  • Health & Wellness

Hutchison’s health education program seeks to educate girls and empower them with age-appropriate information. As students mature, they are encouraged to become increasingly involved in their own health and wellness, making smart choices, and adopting healthy habits. Some of the topics covered in health education include self-esteem, human development, life balance, stress, and time management.

Physical education exposes girls to a variety of experiences including both team and individual activities. The intramural program offers girls the opportunity to identify activities they enjoy and can continue throughout life.

What if my daughter isn't an athlete?

Hutchison offers health and fitness opportunities for all girls no matter whether they plan to play competitive sports. Our dedication to mind, body, and spirit ensures that each girl receives a balanced educational experience at Hutchison.