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With an entire wing dedicated to dance, visual arts, digital design, and music, Hutchison’s commitment to the fine arts is obvious even before you step foot in the state-of-art Wiener Theater. The professional-style theater is home to over 200 events each year, and provides ample opportunities for girls to explore not just performance skills but also set design and construction, plus lighting, sound and costume designs and engineering. In addition to the Wiener Theater mainstage, girls have access to four music studios, two dance studios, a 600-seat main stage, and 100 seat black box theater, two art gallery spaces, one digital design studio, one film and podcasting studio, one pottery studio, a kiln room, and four art studios

All lower and middle school girls develop ballet and modern dance techniques in one of two dance studios on campus. The dance experience continues in the afternoon for over 90 girls who are studying dance after school. The ballet studio in Dobbs Building is furnished with ballet barres and a marley floor while the rehearsal hall dance studio in the theater, finished with wood flooring, provides the theatre department with an outstanding area for tap and hip hop.