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  • Empowering Girls to Change Their World

    • This is Hutchison Strong...

      Students from the Class of 2021 capture the spirit of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship as they share how Hutchison helped them find their place in the world.

      Quite simply, Hutchison inspires lives of purpose.

The Institute for Responsible Citizenship offers upper school girls opportunities to explore the intersection of civic engagement, compassionate leadership, and ethical decision-making in responsible citizenship. The Institute strives to harness the energy of youthful idealism and shape it into the promise of a better future for our community. Hutchison is home to the next generation of leaders.

Institute programs allow girls to hone leadership skills through civics, community engagement, civil discourse, and financial literacy:

myExperience is an intensive multi-year experiential learning opportunity for highly motivated students.

Leads, Serves, and Invests are foundational Hutchison programs that engage and challenge girls at their own pace.

Institute Seminars held several times a year, apply the theories of civic engagement and public policy to real-world events.


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    Nick Simpson 

    Director of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship
    (901) 762-6679
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    Makayla Boswell 

    Institute for Responsible Citizenship Coordinator/Hutchison Leads Assistant Director

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  • myExperience

    Hutchison’s myExperience Program (short for multi-year experience) is a new comprehensive three-and-a-half-year initiative for high-achieving upper school girls to elevate their civic engagement and leadership skills in a structured co-curricular learning opportunity. Thought-provoking peer discussions and regular meetings with an assigned mentor, along with relevant travel and internships culminate in a college-level self-directed research paper or project. 

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  • Leads, Serves & Invests

    The established Hutchison Leads, Hutchison Serves, and Hutchison Invests programs embody the school’s commitment to living lives of purpose. These foundational programs remain as key components of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship. Girls who do not participate in myExperience can choose from the robust programming of Leads, Serves, and Invests to pursue unique classroom and community-based opportunities to enhance their upper school experiences and even explore possible career paths.
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Upper school students will attend five seminars a year to explore the institute themes of civics and civic engagement, community, civil discourse, and financial literacy. Each session will highlight an apolitical, relevant topic to help students build a leadership skillset and habits of mind that they can draw from in college and throughout their professional lives.
Hutchison is the leading private girls school in Memphis for ages 2 years old through twelfth grade.