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    Thank you to everyone who auditioned for The Lightning Thief! It has been a very busy time for all of you…. end of school, exams, graduation, etc., and we, the Theatre Department, truly appreciate your time, effort and talent :)

    We REALLY love you all and love the collaborative spirit we witnessed during the audition process! You were there for each other, supporting whoever was making themselves vulnerable on stage. You were professional and KIND! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    The play is titled The Lightning Thief, but it is about so much more than one character. It is a story of family and acceptance, differences and honor. We are excited to begin the “Quest” with all of you!

    We are listing the main characters and named parts here. There will be numerous magical ways in which we create choruses and ensembles for the rest of the group! Thank you for trusting us with your time and talent.

    We are going to do our best in creating the schedule to consider conflicts, but we understand that some just might not mesh. It is okay if you need to withdraw from the show in that instance.

    Love… BIG LOVE to all of you❤️

    Have a great and restful and stimulating summer!

    Ms. Caskey

    Grover: Brannon Chubb
    Annabeth: Nora Jacobs
    Percy Jackson: Russell Lindeman
    Luke: Haley Floyd
    Mr. D/Mrs. Dodds: Chloe Simpson
    Sally Jackson/Silena Beauregard: Holly Scheinblum
    Mr. Brunner/Chiron/Poseidon: Nick Simpson
    Clarisse: Eloise McDonald
    Ares/Auntie Em: Hannah Dunlap
    Charon: Kate Hurdle
    Hades/Gabe Ugliano: Ann Marie Gaines
    Katie Gardner: August Smith
    The Oracle: Evie Ferguson, Eloise McDonald, Audrey Ann Spiceland
    Bus Driver: Julia Chambliss
    Passenger 1: Reagan Leavitt
    Passenger 2: Evelyn Roberts
    Squirrel Leader: Caroline Campbell
    Train Conductor: Emery Elkington
    Echidna: Addie Sellhorn
    Furies (3): Chloe Simpson, Kate Weber, Eva Lackie
    Farmer: Garner Kimmel
    Newscaster: Margo Clothier
    Bianca (Lotus Hotel): Riley Higginbotham
    Kronos (Voice): Evelyn Roberts
    Thalia: Molly Piper Spear

    Ensemble members and additional choruses (Featured roles within to be determined later)
    Ellie Berryhill
    Elliot Cain
    Grace Conway
    Ellie Kate Doherty
    Ainsley Kraus
    Vivienne Parker
    Campbell Robertson
    Leah Wishnia
    Mimi Whitehead
    Isla Jane Campbell
    Mary Dabney Collum
    Katie Cruzen
    Reid Dunavant
    Ellen Edwards
    Maddie Gabriel
    McKenzie George
    Emilia Massengale
    Sydney Parker
    Amelia Porter
    Lilli Greer Sutton
    Gigi Wilson
    Olivia Yu
    Jaycelyn Ayers
    Owen Biddle
    Kadence Coleman
    Eloise Cook
    Aniya Gill
    Vivian Grinder
    Clara Herrington
    Edie Iverson
    Abigail Mick
    Evelyn Perry
    Bella Reed
    Anitza Ross-Moxley
    Louise Pietrangelo
    Rhodes Roll
    Ivy-Grace Sanders
    Palmer Smith
    Taylor Smith
    Parker Westbrook
    Riley Higginbotham
    Louise Phillips
    Cassidy Tavalin
    Caroline Campbell
    Charlotte Chambliss
    Eliza Caldwell
    Margo Clothier
    Harper Kellum
    Garner Kimmel
    Anderson Rayford
    Addie Sellhorn
    August Smith
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