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The Hutchison Fund

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  • A Commitment to Giving

Ragan and Lon Magness

The Hutchison Fund has always been a “given” for us. We know that we are supporting a place that is enriching our daughters’ lives and allowing them to be the best that they can be through incredible experiences and unique learning opportunities.


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    Sarah Wright 

    Annual Giving Director
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    Katy O'Connor 

    Associate Director of Annual Giving

The Hutchison Fund Keeps Our School Strong

Hutchison provides limitless opportunities for girls to follow their passions in the classroom, on stage, or on the field. Because tuition and fees alone do not cover the entire cost of educating each girl, gifts to the Hutchison Fund are essential to providing the wide array of academic offerings and life-defining experiences that set Hutchison apart.  

The Hutchison Fund supports the school’s challenging academics combined with diverse fine art, athletic, service, and leadership opportunities that offer a unique path for each girl. 
Gifts to the Hutchison Fund Support an enhanced academic program that prepares girls for college and life beyond.


Professional development, which transforms talented teachers into master teachers.


Travel and equipment expenses for intramurals and varsity athletics teams.

COVID-19 Fund

To help offset expenses incurred by COVID-19 including faculty training, safer outdoor learning spaces, Swivl cameras, and other necessary resources to make at home learning possible.

Financial Assistance

To help ensure the Hutchison experience is available to young women from across the economic spectrum.


Visiting artists, production costs, travel for performances, and other expenses in our arts program.


Hutchison’s digital media lab for creating and editing videos, innovation lab with 3D printers, and other technology expenses at every grade level.
Hutchison is the leading private girls school in Memphis for ages 2 years old through twelfth grade.