Wealth Management Firm Puts Stock in Hutchison Invests

Kevin Kimery decided he wanted to bolster what the girls are learning in Hutchison Invests and made a donation to sponsor the program.
As the CEO of Kimery Wealth Management, he is determined to make sure that future Hutchison girls, including his daughter, sophomore Margaret Kimery '21, understand the basics of finance and investment.

"I want to help lay a foundation for the girls at Hutchison so that when they graduate from here, while they may not be wealth managers or investment experts, they will have the confidence to continue to ask questions and be productive in their financial lives, just like they are in the rest of their lives," Kimery said.

As part of his sponsorship, Kimery is leading a Financial Literacy Bootcamp for Hutchison Invests. The bootcamp consists of four, one-hour sessions that will cover topics such as spending and budgeting, investment types, how and what to invest in, and financial planning.

Kimery hopes to get girls excited about understanding what stocks and mutual funds are, as well as what phrases like price earnings ratio mean. He'd like for them to understand the historical context of markets and the outside influences and factors that drive the markets. And most importantly, he'd like them to understand how their own behaviors can affect investing, what is known as applied behavioral finance.

"We need to start talking about how to save money, how to invest money, and why we invest money," Kimery added. "These are important concepts that they need to understand to avoid making major mistakes early in life that could alter the course of their financial lives."

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Hutchison is the leading private girls school in Memphis for ages 2 years old through twelfth grade.