National Merit Finalist Sally Crow '19 Charts Her Own Unique Path

Hutchison has been an ideal match for the diverse talents and interests of National Merit Finalist Sally Crow ‘19. With her extensive knowledge of economics and expert skills as a theatre lighting designer, Sally has distinguished herself as a thoughtful, curious, behind-the-scenes leader.
This summer, Sally spent three weeks at Columbia University learning about domestic and international financial systems and financial crisis. “We were learning about the Dubai crisis, the debt crisis of the ‘80s, and the issues we’ve been having in modern times in Venezuela and Argentina,” she said. “It was fascinating.” After spending 15 years at Hutchison, Sally has learned that she is “obsessed” with economics and wants to work in the Congressional Budget Office, which provides nonpartisan information that helps support Congress’ budget process.

While Sally is interested in exploring a career in economics, she also is a talented lighting designer. She began working in the Hutchison theater department in fifth grade and has worked at local theaters like Playhouse on the Square. She also lends her lighting expertise to organizations like Children’s Ballet Theater, Company d, Project: Motion, and Indian Dance Academy.

With the opportunities Hutchison offers, Sally, a fourth generation Hutchison student, had the chance to excel in two different disciplines. “Lighting and economics are two totally different things, but also similar,” Sally said. “I like the sort of philosophical nuances of economics that make it more of a thing you can manipulate and add on to something that already exists, just like lighting is adding on to something that already exists but refines whatever that is.”

Sally said she became interested in both economics and lighting design around age nine.
“I was obsessed with The Great Depression, and I wanted to learn more about why it happened,” she said. “I also asked Mrs. Koeppel about doing lighting for plays, so I started in fifth grade.”     

Currently, Sally is finishing her college admissions applications. While not ready to leave Hutchison, she said she feels ready for her future. “I feel prepared for college, which is not something that many people get the chance to feel,” she said. “I feel like everything the class structure, the teachers, the level of homework that we’ve had here, has made me feel like I don’t want to leave, but I’m also not worried or afraid to step out.”

Sally said an essential part of her experience at Hutchison has been the support she feels from her teachers and peers. 
“I’ve always been interested in different things than my peers, but never once has anyone given me funny looks or been rude or excluded me because I was interested in different things or spent my weekend doing different things,” she said. “All of the teachers have always been supportive of me and my peers. I think the fact that we have all always felt supported by the adults around us has taught us how to support each other.”

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