Alumna Introduces Senior to Exclusive Women's Networking Group in D.C.

Debating political dilemmas and meeting a sitting Supreme Court Justice were among the highlights of three seniors' internships at the renowned St. Alban's School of Public Service this summer.
Madison Grinder, Whitney Jordan, and Caitlin Robinson traveled to Washington, D.C., through our Hutchison Leads program. While there, they connected with Hutchison alumna and National Alumnae Board member Perry Pidgeon Hooks '75, an entrepreneur and book distributor in Washington, D.C.. Perry is also a member of The Wing, an influential women's networking group in the nation's capitol.

 “My time at St. Albans School of Public Service opened so many new doors for me and really opened my eyes to how powerful service can be," Madison said. Along with getting to debate ethical and political dilemmas through case study analysis, my favorite part of the program was speaking with a number of influential women and men in the D.C. area, such as Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan and Michael Leiter, former director of the National Counterterrorism Center. The people I met and connections I made have further supported and developed my passion for serving others locally and globally.”

During the National Alumnae Board visit this past spring, Perry encouraged the girls to contact her once they were in D.C. And they did just that! In addition to participating in their internship duties, Madison and Caitlin went with Perry to meet with members of The Wing, an all-female network with the mission of professional, civic, social, and economic advancement of women. There they learned about how The Wing seeks to create new opportunities, ideas, and conversations that will lead to greater mobility and prosperity for women.

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