A Summer Shadowing Three Different Surgeons Validates Senior's Career Choice

Did you know that medical/surgical internships are the largest percentage of our seniors’ site placements each year through our Hutchison Leads program?
Hannah Gardner '19 reflected on her surgical intern experience with Baptist Memorial Hospital - Collierville.

“I had an amazing experience interning with different surgeons this summer. Dr. Toy, an orthopedic surgeon, was the first physician that I shadowed. I watched him perform two knee replacements and a hip replacement. Next, I followed my dad, who is a vascular surgeon, as he performed surgeries that included suturing veins and arteries together. Lastly, I interned with an ear, nose, and throat doctor, and I was able to scrub into one of his surgeries where he removed a patient’s thyroid. I gained a lot of insight about the anatomy and physiology in each of these surgeon’s specialties. Most importantly, I noticed the doctor-patient relationship during each case, especially during the clinical visits. Through this experience, I was given assurance in my decision to pursue my interest in the medical field.“

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