Hutchison Girls Win Big at Regional Scholastic Art Awards

Hutchison girls competed in the 2018 Regional Scholastic Art Awards where they received 64 awards: 22 Gold Keys, 13 Silver Keys, and 29 Honorable Mentions.
Out of the 20 portfolios in the entire region selected for Gold Keys, Hutchison received more than any other school!

Drawing Portfolio Gold Key Winners
  • Addie Jones '18
  • Meredith Magness '18
  • Susan Morris '18
  • Emma Simonton '18
Sculpture Portfolio Gold Key Winners
  • Abby Crain '18
  • Heidi Seuss '18
These accomplishments are a product of a partnership – one that exists between our girls and the professional artists who inspire and challenge them in the classroom. Middle and upper school art teacher Jeanette Leake spoke about the girls' accomplishments and said, "Ms. Davey and I are incredibly proud of our art girls and of all their hard work this past year. Scholastic competition is a place for our students' hard work to be rewarded, and it is truly a joy for us to see so many of them receiving top honors each year. Of course it is a very subjective process, and I'm sure very hard to judge 3500 pieces of art, but our girls always seem to shine in spite of the competition with much larger schools."

Other special awards our girls received include the following:

Senior Division (11th & 12th Grade)
  • Emma Simonton - Third Place
Middle Division (9th & 10th Grade)
Of the 6 special awards for this division, our girls took home 4!
  • Elizabeth Wood '21 - First Place
  • Caroline Seamons '20 - Third Place
  • Madison Morris '20 - Painting Award & Drawing Award

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Hutchison is the leading private girls school in Memphis for ages 2 years old through twelfth grade.