Anna Murrey '18 Finds Her Voice & Becomes a Leader

“I have to thank my eighth grade advisors for believing in me and showing me that there isn’t just one style of leadership. Anywhere else, a girl like me could have been lost in the background, but because of their help, I learned that a listener can be a leader and that I have a voice. I never would be the student I am today if it weren’t for the faculty.” - Anna Murrey '18
At Hutchison, girls are encouraged to discover their passions and lead while in a safe and supportive environment. Anna Murrey ’18 learned to find her unique voice as a leader and uncovered a passion for the Mid-South community through the reassurance of her middle school advisors and other Hutchison faculty members.

Through her work on last year’s Beeline Bazaar as junior class president and as a member of the Philanthropic Literacy Board, Anna helps to solicit and review grants from non-profits in the Memphis community. She sits on this board which carefully chooses a theme for the year and then dispenses grants which they believe will make the most significant impact on that particular issue.

Anna has excelled as a scholar during her time at Hutchison. She describes herself as a “math and science girl” and has participated in internships at Medtronic through our Hutchison Leads program that focused on blending her love of science with business. She hopes to pursue a career that will allow her to use her love of math and problem-solving abilities.

Anna is also skilled in English and literature. She serves as copy editor of Hutchison’s yearbook, The Lantern, she earned a 36 on the English section of the ACT, and she was recently named a National Merit commended scholar. And she excels in her academics: she's never earned a grade lower than an A in any of her Advanced Honors or AP classes.

In addition to her accomplishments in the classroom, Anna serves as senior class president and captain of both the Hutchison and her club soccer teams.

We are proud to have girls like Anna at Hutchison, and we know she will do great things next year in college!

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