Hutchison Girls Excel in World Languages at Local Competition

Middle and upper school girls competed in the Annual Foreign Language Fair at the University of Memphis, where they won 34 individual and group awards.
Middle and upper school girls participated in the Annual Foreign Language Fair at the University of Memphis where they demonstrated their knowledge of world languages and cultures along with more than 1,000 high school students in the Memphis area. The students competed in a variety of contests including poetry recitation, writing, costumes, folk dance, drama, music, projects, crafts, and a culture bowl in Chinese, Latin, and Spanish. The fair is sponsored by the University's Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. Altogether, our girls won 34 awards! See the full list:

  • Chinese Art – 1st Place: Grace Ellsworth
  • Chinese Art – 3rd Place: Annsley Barton and Eva Leake
  • Spanish Art – 2nd Place: Madison Morris
  • Spanish Art – 3rd Place: Anne Grinder
  • Chinese Greeting Cards – 2nd Place: Abby Brown
  • Chinese Music Solo – 1st Place: Sadie Ann Wells
  • Chinese Poetry Recitation – 1st Place: Sophie Merchant
  • Spanish Poetry Recitation – 2nd Place: Charlotte Merchant
  • Spanish Poetry Writing Level 3 – 1st Place: Hellen Gillespie
  • Spanish Poetry Writing Level 3 – 2nd Place: Katy Gilmore
  • Spanish Poetry Writing Level 4 – 1st Place: Whitney Jordan
  • Chinese Vocabulary Quiz Level 1 – 2nd Place: Lulu Amro
  • Chinese Vocabulary Quiz Level 3 – 3rd Place: Irene Keeney
  • Chinese Vocabulary Quiz Level 4 – 1st Place: Heidi Seuss
  • Spanish Vocabulary Quiz Level 4 – 2nd Place: Anne Grinder
  • Chinese Writing Level 1 – 1St Place: Lulu Amro
  • Chinese Writing Level 1 – 2nd Place: Mary Crow
  • Spanish Writing Level 3 – 2nd Place: Abby Hays
  • Spanish Writing Level 3 – 3rd Place: Lizzie Pierotti
  • Chinese Crafts – 2nd Place: Elizabeth Austin
  • Chinese Crafts – 3rd Place: Miccaella Lejwa and Canale Tagg
  • Spanish Crafts – 1st Place: Julia Hale
  • Spanish Research Projects – 3rd Place: Avery Boals
  • Chinese Video Level 1 – 1st Place: Mia Jones, Ally Roberts, Katy Butler Thompson.
  • Chinese Video Level 3 – 1st Place: Mary Montague and Gracie Strobel
  • Chinese Video Level 4 – 1st Place: Hayley Bell
  • Spanish Video Level 1 – 1st Place: El Barreño (Janessa Ma, Ellie Sappington, Anne Wilkes Skipworth, Sydney Claire Williams, Madison Woodard, Zoie Yarbrough and Grace Spain)
  • Spanish Video Level 2 – 3rd Place: La vida de tres chicas (Dabney Collier, Grace Ann Weber and Ella Watson)
  • Spanish Video Level 3 – 1st Place: Dioses de Salsa (Virginia Tabor, Townes Wilkinson, Anne Claire Sexton)
  • Spanish Video Level 3 – 2nd Place: Where is Ms. Mattson? (Claire Schneider, Caroline Baine, Madison Morris)
  • Spanish Video Level 3 – 3rd Place: Cocinando con amigas (Meyers Wallace, Olivia Fonville, Callie Oeihmer, Abby Hays, Cate Weatherford)
  • Spanish Video Level 4 – 1st Place: Vengan a Memphis (Genevieve Raby, Madison Moore, Olivia Wilson)
  • Spanish Video Level 4 – 2nd Place: Midtown (Olivia Kelly, Lydia Herring, Micaela Dusseault)
  • Spanish Video Level 4 – 3rd Place: Vamos a Memphis (Kate Nearn, Josephine Reed, Laura Heathcott)

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