Upper School Girls Explore Local Entrepreneurial Accelerator Programs

Ten girls currently in an entrepreneurship class at Hutchison visited Start Co. recently to tour the facility and meet three female start-up founders.
Start Co. is a venture development organization that supports entrepreneurs and their start-ups. The girls spent the first 30 minutes of their visit learning about the three different accelerator programs offered by Start Co., which include Seed Hatchery, Sky High, and Upstart. Then they had the opportunity to hear first-hand several elevator pitches from different companies. They also got to spend one hour with a panel of three female start-up founders from different companies (two in the real estate industry and one in medical). During this time, the founders shared with the girls the ups and downs of their lives as entrepreneurs. Although each of their journeys were very different, they collectively encouraged the girls to live limitlessly, to avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism, and to pursue a life that they truly love.

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