Senior Interns with Baptist Hospital

Through our Hutchison Leads program, senior Gracie Meeks participated in an internship at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women with a goal of gaining a real-life perspective on the daily life of a nurse in a hospital.
Gracie began her internship in the Mother-Baby unit where she shadowed nurse Jonnie Lundgren. She was able to observe six newborn examinations where she saw Nurse Jonnie measure a baby’s head, diaphragm, and height; listen to the heart and bowel sounds; check the baby’s sucking reflex; and check the umbilical cord for three vessels (one vein and two arteries).

Later, Gracie visited the Gynecology department of the hospital where she shadowed nurse Cyndy Godley. During her time with Nurse Cyndy, Gracie visited with several post-surgery patients and assisted with the process of setting up the room before a patient arrived after surgery.

Her favorite part of the week was her time spent in the surgical area of the hospital. She changed into scrubs and watched as the nurses cleaned the operating room and gathered all of the necessary instruments and tools prior to the procedure. She was able to stand in on three different surgeries.
From there, Gracie moved on to the Labor and Delivery area where she observed the inserting of an epidural, watched a natural delivery, and stood in during part of a cesarean section (c-section).

Gracie spent the last days of her internship shadowing nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the pediatric emergency room. She chose an internship in the medical field because of her interest in a career in nursing. She said her time spent at Baptist Women's Hospital further solidified her dreams to one day become a nurse.

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