Leadership a Key Topic at Annual Hutchison Summit

Twenty-four high school girls from seven different schools are participating in the fourth annual Hutchison Leads Summit at the Kroc Center of Memphis as part of the Center for Excellence at Hutchison.
This two-day conference explores community transformation, civic engagement, and female leadership. During the Summit, girls will be inspired by keynote speaker Sally Parish, Associate Dean for Student Leadership and Involvement at the University of Memphis, as she challenges them to make a difference in Memphis. They will also learn from education partners New Memphis, Let's Innovate through Education (LITE), and Erika Cain, owner of Erika Cain & Co., each of which will lead the girls through modules about the important work they are doing, share innovative ideas about transforming communities, and discuss ways the girls can get involved.
Finally, participants will get to dive in and take on a community leadership challenge. Paired in groups with an organization, the girls will go to a location where they will be given a challenge, share their creative ideas, make a plan, and present final results to a panel.

The Hutchison Leads Summit is a great opportunity for girls to meet peers from across Memphis and help them develop leadership skills so they can in turn help support positive change in Memphis.

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