Senior Accepted to Veterinary School

Maggie Loftin recently completed an fellowship with a local animal clinic through our Hutchison Leads program.
Through our Hutchison Leads program, senior Maggie Loftin completed a fellowship with Willow Bend Animal Clinic. Her overall goal for the fellowship experience was to research and explore how a pointing dog's behavior changes while performing in a field trial and how a change of location and/or situation might affect the behaviors of a dog in training.

She observed the training and individual development processes for a variety of pointing dogs. These experiences helped her to understand the impact a trainer's patience has on the animals they are working with. She also gained new insight into how animal behavior and maturity change over time as more skills are introduced during training such as whistles and verbal commands (i.e. singing).

Her research highlighted some of the inherent mental differences between pet and field trial dogs, as well as the benefits of beginning a dog's training from a young age.

Maggie plans to make working with animals a career; she hopes to become a veterinarian. She is now one step closer to her dream - Maggie was recently accepted to Mississippi State's Early Entry Program for the College of Veterinary Medicine.

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