Hutchison Senior Interns with Mississippi RiverKings

As part of our Hutchison Leads program, Gwen Jones '17 participated in a marketing internship with Official Mississippi RiverKings Hockey where she developed a strategy for improving attendance, participated in sales training, and became more familiar with fundraising. She was the only high school student among the cohort of interns.
Gwen began her internship by meeting the staff and other interns, learning how to add content to the website, adding donors and sponsors to the master schedule, and becoming familiar with the discounts and sales that the RiverKings team provides for group or corporate outings. Gwen listened to marketing strategies for the upcoming season and she also attended team meetings where she learned about game night themes, in-game entertainment and promotions, fan prizes, and competitions between periods. She participated in sales training, learned how corporate partnerships work, and became more familiar with fundraising.

One of Gwen's projects was to put together a fundraising proposal for schools to use to raise money for either their athletic programs or homecoming dances. She also came up with strategies to help improve the attendance of teen night and served as the guest mascot during a RiverKings event.

Part of what makes our Hutchison Leads internship and fellowship program so extraordinary is that it captures a unique period in the lives of our girls and builds on the leadership and learning journeys that have characterized their time at Hutchison. These experiences provide girls like Gwen Jones '17 with a glimpse of the professionals that they will become in the not-so-distant future.

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