Knowledge Bowl Team Excels in Competition

During the fall semester, upper school girls competed in the local Knowledge Bowl competition under the guidance of upper school science teacher Robert Lofton.
This year's team members included Elizabeth Austin, Sarah Austin, Laura Carrier, Stuart Collier, Caroline Couch, Irene Keeney, Maggie Loftin, Sarah Jane Mednikow, Charlotte Merchant, Sophie Merchant, and Carson Weatherly. The girls competed in multiple tournaments and placed fourth overall in the tournament hosted at MUS. In December, our Knowledge Bowl team won its first WREG-TV match 80-20. You can watch that contest on CBS Saturday February 4, at 9:00 am.

Reflecting upon this year's Knowledge Bowl team, Mr. Lofton said, "We have enjoyed a fair level of success, because we have a great blend of talents and interests. It's been a blessing to teach such a motivated group of girls eager to get better and learn."

To continue to build our Knowledge Bowl program at Hutchison and to benefit more students, Mr. Lofton will be hosting a middle school tournament this summer through our Center for Excellence.

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