Fourth Graders Harvest & Donate Hutchison Farm Vegetables

A partnership between Hutchison Serves and the Hutchison Farm sparked the lower school girls' interests to participate in a hands-on project so they can give back to the community.
Recently, first graders planted over 200 square feet of the farm in salad greens so they could eventually harvest it and donate it to the Mid-South Food Bank. Fourth grade girls harvested, washed, and packed more than thirty pounds of lettuce, spinach, kale, collard greens, salad mix, and radishes.

Lower school girls were able to donate over 40 pounds of food to the food bank, all from the Hutchison Farm! All of the produce was delivered to the Mid-South Food Bank truck by helpers in kindergarten and first grade. In addition to the fresh produce, girls collected and donated non-perishable food.

Not only does the experience give the girls the opportunity to collect and donate food to the community, it also teaches the girls how to harvest fresh vegetables from a real farm. The multidisciplinary project allows girls to explore a unique blend of social and natural sciences while learning about farming firsthand.

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