Hutchison Serves in the Community

Hutchison Serves program encourages upper school girls to explore service and mentoring opportunities in the community.
Hutchison Serves was excited to connect with the Binghampton Christian Academy throughout the school year with monthly mentor sessions between Hutchison seniors and BCA's 8th grade class. A reading week program in March culminated in a school-wide field day which was completely planned and organized by four recent Hutchison graduates: Lauren Livesay '16, Carolyn Simpson '16, Carter Coleman '16, and Susannah Bland '16. They recruited 16 volunteers, including five Hutchison sophomores, and made sure field day was a success for the kids by having a water balloon fight for the eighth graders, basketball games between the older grades, soccer games between the younger grades, and tug of war between all of the grades. This was the first year all grades participated in field day at the same time, and it proved to be a huge success! These girls also worked with the Lower School at Hutchison this spring to run a successful book drive for the library at BCA.

When reflecting upon her time as a member of the Wilson Society at Hutchison, Lauren Livesay said, "Field Day was one of many lasts in our senior year at Hutchison, but I think that BCA and Wilson Society will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We have learned to have a heart for our city and truly form relationships with the kids that we meet. I think that it is clear through our many blog posts and pictures over the last three years that we are the ones who have been the most blessed through this project."

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