Two Students Gain Mentorship, Business Knowledge through Memphis Business Journal Program

Jordan Deupree ’24 and Bailey Wiener ’24 have been recognized for their leadership in their selection for the Next Gen program, which provides students with mentorship and opportunities to learn more about the Memphis business community.
The Memphis Business Journal’s Next Gen mentorship program connects high school students with local leaders while helping them build a meaningful connection with the city they grew up in. Through Next Gen, Jordan and Bailey have been learning about the economic landscape and opportunities in Memphis and gaining a deeper understanding of the needs and aspirations of Memphis leaders and citizens. 

“By actively engaging with their community, they could develop a powerful sense of ownership and responsibility toward Memphis’ success and create a sense of belonging and pride in their hometown,” the Memphis Business Journal said about the program. “These Next Gen honorees undoubtedly hold the power to shape their future and that of the community they land in. Our greatest hope is that they choose Memphis as that community.” 

The Memphis Business Journal interviewed Jordan and Bailey about their participation in the program. “I learned the importance of networking and building relationships with those around you. I witnessed the impact of having a community and support system of encouragement and was reminded to ask for help when I need it,” Jordan said.

Bailey said she also received valuable advice from her mentors from ALSAC and KPMG. “My mentors told me to always know where you are headed, as it helps with your journey. They also emphasized the importance of diligence and endurance for success. They highlighted the importance of hard work in any position I may hold in the future, as everything is an opportunity for learning and growth,” she said.

Read more about Jordan and Bailey’s biggest takeaways from participating in Next Gen and their insights on what members of their generation are looking for in a career.

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