Seniors Display Capstone Projects at myExperience Showcase

Our inaugural graduating class of the myExperience program presented their capstone projects with confidence, poise, and enthusiasm at our first myExperience Senior Showcase.
Twenty-eight Hutchison seniors celebrated finishing their myExperience projects by presenting them to family, mentors, faculty and staff, and friends. The flagship program within Hutchison’s Institute for Responsible Citizenship, myExperience is a multi-year opportunity that allows a girl to select from one of four cohorts — STEM, Entrepreneurship, Art & Design, and Global Civic Engagement. Each girl then studies an area of interest in depth and develops a college-level research project related to that interest. The development of her project includes working with a professional mentor, completing a summer internship or other relevant experience, and planning a trip to a U.S. city where she may explore her project’s area of focus in detail.

At our Senior Showcase, we celebrated our seniors' hard work and success by providing the opportunity for our girls to share their final projects with family, friends, mentors, faculty, and staff. A few of the 28 projects included:
  • Studying the effects of pollution on the Memphis aquifer
  • Choreographing and filming an original dance
  • Analyzing chemicals in fish in the Little Red River in Arkansas
  • Investigating the implications of language barriers on healthcare access and patient safety
  • Writing and illustrating a children’s book about coral bleaching
  • Curating a social media account that highlights different opportunities for service
  • Interviewing medical professionals about the impact of technology on the medical field
“An overarching aim of the Institute is to develop young women into people who can take on the world when they leave us and go to college,” said Nick Simpson, Director of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship. “We want to inspire girls to become innovators who are doing new, exciting, and dynamic things. We want to encourage girls to find their leadership style, see themselves as members of a global community, and seek ways in which they can serve, augment, and improve the world around them. Lastly, we want them to invest in themselves, in their academics, in their projects, in their relationships with their communities. We want them to invest in ways that bring them joy and growth over time.”

All of the projects were impressive, and students were articulate and enthusiastic as they talked about their work and what they learned. Six awards of distinction were given out to the following students: Adela Calzada, Jordan Deupree, Lara Eason, Izzy Ellis, Olivia Lester, and Elizabeth Soefker. We are proud of how our girls have grown through the myExperience program. Congratulations to all of our senior myExperience graduates!

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