Senior’s myExperience Project Displayed at Arrow Creative

Arrow Creative showcased a special gallery: a photo essay by Abby Martin ’24 about her myExperience program mentor.
For her myExperience capstone project, Abby explored the different ways art and life intersect for women artists by producing “In Between the Lines,” a photo essay on Betsy Brackin Burch, who also is her program mentor. The photo essay consists of images taken of Brackin at work in her studio and interacting with her daughter. A full-time artist whose artwork has been described as an ode to the natural world and its endless beauty, Brackin made an impact on Abby.

“She inspired me – not only in art but also the way I look at life,” Abby said. “She is always positive and loves her family so much along with all her friends and her supporters.”

Arrow Creative held a special opening for the gallery, and Hutchison teachers and friends attended to support Abby’s work. “I loved having all my teachers and friends come to see my gallery. It showed me how close and supportive the Hutchison community is,” she said.

Through the myExperience art and design cohort, Abby has expanded her knowledge and enjoyed many opportunities to deepen her love of art. myExperience is an intensive multi-year experiential learning opportunity for highly motivated students. Students in the art and design cohort explore the impact of the arts and elements of design on our communities. Girls in our myExperience program participate in thought-provoking peer discussions, attend regular meetings with an assigned mentor, and learn from program travel and internships. The program culminates in a college-level, self-directed research project. In April, Hutchison held its inaugural senior showcase and gave each student a chance to present their capstone projects to their families, mentors, and the Hutchison community.

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