Young Writers Earn 15 Scholastic Writing Awards

Congratulations to the 15 Hutchison girls who won Scholastic Writing Awards in the recent Alliance for Young Artists & Writers competition!
Hutchison students demonstrated a mastery of storytelling and creativity as they submitted original works of fiction, poetry, and personal essays for the Scholastic Writing Awards. They competed against students across several states in the South region. Flash fiction by Katie Phan ’28 received a Gold Key, and her work is moving on to compete nationally.

Upper school English teachers Savannah McCausland and Jenna Morgan said they are incredibly proud of their students who placed. Ten of eighth grade English teacher Robby Uhrman’s students were recognized for their work, and he congratulated his students with some uplifting words: “I hope this recognition inspires you to have faith in your own voice and embrace your abilities as talented writers.”

Gold Key Winner
  • Katie Phan ’28: Flash Fiction
Silver Key Winners
  • Catherine Bowie ’28: Poetry
  • Holly Scheinblum ’25: Poetry
  • Georgia Shelby ’28: Poetry
  • Elizabeth Soefker ’24: Short Story
Honorable Mention Winners
  • Mia Chelsoi ’28: Poetry
  • Emma Doherty ’28: Dramatic Script
  • Shelby Faulkner ’28: Poetry
  • Lois Hill ’28: Personal Essay & Memoir
  • Emma Iskiwitz ’28: Poetry
  • Caroline Jefferies ’29: Poetry
  • Mimi Smith ’28: Poetry
  • Sloane Vandergrift ’27: Flash Fiction
  • Ellie Willson ’29: Poetry
  • Sophia Wilson ’28: Poetry
We commend all our Hutchison participants whose hard work and creativity enabled them to produce deeply personal, innovative, and thought-provoking work.

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