Heart Surgeon Visits JK to Answer Questions About the Heart

Junior kindergarten girls are learning all about the heart, and they got to hear from a special visiting expert: cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon Dr. Ed Garrett, grandfather to June ’37.
As JK girls begin their study of the human body, they got to learn about the heart from a real-life heart surgeon. Dr. Ed Garrett, a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, visited Hutchison and spoke to all three JK classes about the importance of the heart to humans. 

Dr. Garrett talked about what arteries and veins do, and he explained to the girls that the heart is the strongest muscle in the body because you don’t have to think about it for it to be pumping. He also emphasized how important it is to keep your heart healthy through eating healthy, exercising, and brushing your teeth and spoke about some of the things our girls should avoid, such as fatty foods and smoking.

During Dr. Garrett’s visit, our girls were excited to tell him about what they have learned so far and ask him questions about his job, from how he takes hearts out to fix them to if they could have a heart attack from eating too much candy. In case you're wondering, it would take a lot of candy over a lot of time. It was amazing to see our girls embrace their curiosity and share their enthusiasm about the heart as they continue their study of the human body.

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