Collegiate Alumnae Reflect on Hutchison Experience

Hutchison caught up with several young alumnae about how their education prepared them for life after high school.
New York, Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles are just a few of the cities where our young alums are beginning to take the world by storm. We spoke with several young alumnae as they visited Memphis. They gave us an update on their college experience and how their time at Hutchison gave them a head start over their peers. 

Annsley Barton ’19
University of Miami

Major: Architecture

Minor: Art and Marketing

Tri Delta sorority, Breakthrough Miami mentor, American Institute for Architects, study abroad in Rome 

How Hutchison prepared her: “Hutchison encouraged me to try new things through the curriculum. Taking all the different arts in middle school and trying new things outside of my comfort zone… made being out of my comfort zone natural for me. Going into college, I loved trying new things and meeting new people. That's why I ended up taking a furniture building class, and I took painting for the first time this semester. I ended up getting a big award even though I had never painted before. Hutchison gave me the confidence to try new things and not be afraid to fail, and that's what helped me succeed.” 

What she misses most: “Mrs. Leake’s room - in the yearbook, it says, ‘Most Likely to Be Found in Mrs. Leake’s Room’ or something like that. I miss the teachers. I had great connections with them.” 

Advice for current students: “Try something you’re uncomfortable with. Don’t major in something you already know or is your best subject. Getting a new set of skills helps you to be a better version of yourself and not be as afraid of the things you don't know.” 

Hannah Freeman ’20
University of Virginia

Majors: Biology and Spanish

Post-grad plans: Considering physician assistant school and wants to use her skills to help Spanish speakers

Involvement: Club tennis, RUF (Reform University Fellowship), and is in a sorority 

How Hutchison prepared her: “Throughout my time, I grew to love learning. In my lower school days, I developed a curiosity for learning. In middle and high school, I saw how passionate my teachers were about their subjects and that made me excited.” 

What she misses most: “I miss the close relationships with the teachers. I think there’s something so special about that. Growing up at Hutchison, I felt so known and loved.” 

Advice for current students: “Take advantage of the opportunities that Hutchison gives you. Hutchison truly is a special place, and I don't think I fully realized that until after I left, how much I missed it and how much it influenced me. Invest in those relationships with your friends, peers, and teachers because those will last a lifetime.” 

Madison Moore ’19
University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Post-grad plans:
Will complete her master’s degree in Accountancy and take CPA (Uniform Certified Public Accountant) exam

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Vol Team, works in Student Services  

How Hutchison prepared her:
“Hutchison challenged me to be my best at a young age, and I'm truly grateful for that. When I went to college, I did have a lot of friends who struggled, and looking back, I know that I was resilient. Any challenge I had, I thought, ‘I've been through something like this before. I can get through it.’ “

What she misses most:
“I miss seeing my classmates every day. They are some of my best friends.” 

Advice for current students:
“Teachers pushing you to do your best will pay off in the long run. They always have your best interests at heart.” 

Shubhi Singh ’22
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Health Careers Club and Honor Court 

How Hutchison prepared her:
“Hutchison did a great job of preparing me to do well in my classes and setting up good study habits and time management skills. I also feel able to be myself in whatever situation or scenario I'm in. I feel a lot more confident after having gone to Hutchison.”

What she misses most: “I miss the Hutchison community and being able to go into the commons, talk to whomever was in there, and have a good time.”

Advice for current students:
“Take advantage of the time you have left here. It truly is a great experience and environment to be in. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try new things.”

Layla Truitt ’22
Santa Clara University



How Hutchison prepared her:
“Hutchison gives you the foundation to succeed and slide into your classes in college. I think that the mentality of being true to yourself is something that I stood on because I was so far away, I had to be sure in my ideas, my morals, and things like that.”

What she misses most:
“I miss the tight-knit community, just an amazing group of girls. We all had each other’s backs.”

Advice for current students:
“Don’t rush it. Truly enjoy every moment and take advantage of everything Hutchison has to offer.”

Wylly Willmott ’22
(pictured on the right with Ella Luter '22 on her left)
University of Virginia


How Hutchison prepared her: “Hutchison’s class schedule is set up in a way that prepares people for college. I was used to having fewer classes in a day and more work for each class. I feel like I have less to do in college than I did in high school, which is nice.”

What she misses most:
“I miss the amount of fun we had as an entire school. Hutchison was special in that we enjoyed large-scale traditions like Black and Gold Week.”

Advice for current students: “Hutchison prepares you to succeed in college, so focus on enjoying your last moments with the people you grew up with or grew close with.” 

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