Hutchison Students Grow As Leaders Through Bridge Builders Summer Program

At least 19 girls from the classes of 2026, 2027, and 2028 are attending the Bridge Builders Summer Leadership Conference. 
Middle school girls are becoming stronger leaders through the Bridge Builders program. At least 19 students are participating in the Bridge Builders Summer Leadership Conference, which begins a year-long commitment. The program aims to build leaders who can work together across racial, cultural, religious, and economic divides. As our girls spend part of their summer learning how to make a difference, we know they will use their new knowledge and skills to have a positive impact on the Hutchison campus and the Memphis community.

Below are the middle school students participating in the program this summer:
  • Cate Chubb ’28
  • Becca Coopwood ’27
  • Lila Dobbs ’28
  • Kiri Feinstone ’27
  • Sarah Kate Geater ’27
  • Menaal Haris ’28
  • Gabby Hill ’26
  • Kailynn Jefferson ’27
  • Kaitlyn Johnson ’27
  • Kelly Patterson ’28
  • Katie Phan ’28
  • Abby Portnoy ’27
  • Mattie Ra ’26
  • Samantha Ring ’26
  • Zabelle Ross-Moxley ’27
  • Rylee Sorin ’26
  • Mary-Catherine Stanford ’27
  • Maggie Willson ’27
  • Sophie Wilson ’26

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