Hutchison Honors Nine Retiring Faculty and Staff

They have a combined total of more than 250 years of service to the Hutchison community!
Hutchison is celebrating nine retiring faculty and staff members who have dedicated 252 years to our wonderful school. We thank Hong Lin, Missy Prewitt, Loraine Galbreath ’67, Grace Anne Morrison, Virginia Baird, Gloria McKinner, Margaret Bell, Pam Shumake ’88, and Henry Hampton for inspiring and influencing generations of Hutchison girls! 

All of our retirees had an impact on Hutchison students past and present. Here is what people said on social media:

Marion McDonald '82
Wow! Thank you for your many years of service to my alma mater. Hutchison is a better place because of devoted staff like you.

Tracey Rice Magnus
Congratulations Grace Anne. I can’t imagine Hutchison without you and your sweet smile.

Kaia Starks '18
Lin Laoshi had a monumental impact on my life. No one deserves retirement more.

Katie Estes '17
I bragged to a co-worker about Ms. Baird baking a cake for Latin students who made 100% on tests. I was never one to get one, sadly, but now I fully understand the Traditional Latin Mass without a translation card/ missal!

Arax Ross '99
Ms. Baird, Mrs. Galbreath, and Ms. Prewitt, you all have meant so much to my family over the years. I wish you a wonderful relaxing retirement. You have poured yourself into your students and the school. Hutchison was so special because of you. You will be missed. Ms. Galbreath, I love that you taught me, but most importantly the huge impact you had on Zabelle. She loved you more than any teacher to this point. You made a tremendous impact on her. I will always be grateful to you.

Mary Holland Morris '07
What an incredible group of women! I rejoice in your new adventures and delight in memories with many of you as my teachers! Your dedication to the mission of Hutch made a difference in so many girls’ lives, and we thank you!

Beverly Rutana '05
Wow wow wow! Hutchison campus is REALLY going to miss this crowd. Many of these women had a tremendous impact on my life. They will be missed.

Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement!

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