Hutchison Girls Win Big at World Language Fair

Hutchison world language students participated in the 2022 Virtual Language Fair, sponsored by the University of Memphis Department of World Languages and Literatures. Demonstrating their knowledge of Spanish and Chinese, Hutchison had a total of 38 students win awards at the fair, the most out of all independent schools that competed.
Thirty-eight Hutchison girls won awards at the 2022 Virtual Language Fair, presented by the University of Memphis Department of World Languages and Literatures. The theme of the fair was “Festivals of Culture.” Students could choose from a variety of competitions in different categories to showcase their creativity and capability in the target language of their current world language class. Categories included: digital art, essay, infographic, Latin translation, poetry writing, video presentations (including group skits or solo or group musical performances), and website presentations. Girls submitted entries online with the support of Spanish teachers Señora María Teresa Evans and Señora Cathy Adams and Chinese teacher Hong Lin.

Spanish Award Winners

Spanish Level IV

Essay Writing, Second Place: 
Noorain Gill ’24

Essay Writing, Third Place: 
Shifa Qureshi ’24
Spanish Level II
Video Music Group Performance, First Place:
Lauren Dukes ’24, Izzy Ellis ’24, Alex Wallace ’24

Video Skit, First Place:
Mary Taylor Buhler ’25, Nuha Hasan ’24, Izzie McCarroll ’25, Hannah Pollard ’25

Video Skit, Second Place:
Leanora Ceravola ’25, Ella Colvett ’25, Anna-Caroline Domas ’25, Sophie Foster ’25

Video Skit, Third Place:

Lauren Burress ’25, Karrington Davis ’25, Alyssa Johnson ’24, Addison Magee ’25, Julie Whittemore ’24

Spanish Level IV
Video Skit, First Place:
Adela Calzada ’24

Video Skit, Second Place:
Ellie Diehl ’23, Loralei Forgette ’23, Mariam Husein ’22

Video Skit, Third Place:
Kennedy Adeogba ’23

Poetry, Second Place:
Lawson Bolton ’22

Chinese Award Winners

Fourteen of Hutchison’s Chinese II students participated in the music group category and won first place. They sang “Wo He Ni (You and Me),” the 2008 Beijing Olympics theme song.

Students participating included:
  • Sophie Battaile ’25
  • Rebecca Burnett ’24
  • Brannon Chubb ’25
  • Lara Eason ’24
  • Ainsley Geno ’24
  • Emma Haire ’24
  • Angela He ’25
  • Maggie Higginbotham ’25
  • Harper Loyd ’25
  • Sienna Nichols ’25
  • Alexis Parent ’24
  • Mia Pennington ’25
  • Lila Phillips ’24
  • Chloe Simpson ’25
Congratulations to all of our girls who competed!

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