Hutchison Girls Excel at World Language Fair

¡Stupendo! Hutchison girls won a total of 27 medals at The University of Memphis 2020 World Language Fair, demonstrating their knowledge of Chinese, Latin, and Spanish.
Middle and upper school girls participated in the 2020 World Language Fair at The University of Memphis this spring where they demonstrated their knowledge of Latin, Chinese, and Spanish. The students competed in a variety of contests including poetry recitation, writing, costumes, folk dance, drama, music, projects, crafts, and a culture bowl in Chinese, Latin, and Spanish. The fair is sponsored by the University's Department of Foreign Languages and Literature.

Due to COVID-19, the on-site participations were canceled, but our girls submitted online entries with the support of Latin teacher Ms. Virginia Baird, Spanish teacher Señora María Teresa Evans, and Chinese teacher Lǎoshī Hong Lin.

The awards were recently announced and altogether, our girls won 27 medals!
Chinese Award Winners

Chinese 3
  • Video – 2nd Place: Lily Rodenhiser ’22, Layla Truitt ’22, Betsy Grimes ’22
Chinese 4
  • Video – 1st Place: Caroline Couch ’20
Spanish Award Winners
Spanish 2
  • Video – 1st Place: Ellie Diehl ’23, Loralei Forgette ’23
  • Video – 2nd Place: Genevieve Geno ’22, Mariam Husein ’22, Izzy Moore ’22
  • Video – 3rd Place: Claiborne Collier ’23, Desaix Ringger ’23, Morgan Simmons ’23, Kate Wunderlich ’23
  • Writing – 3rd Place: Lacy Williams ’23
Spanish 4
  • Poetry Writing – 1st Place: Shubhi Singh ’22
  • Writing – 1st Place: Nicole Curlee ’20
  • Poetry Writing – 2nd Place: Katy Gilmore ’20
  • Video – 2nd Place: Nicole Curlee ’20, Eleanor Campbell ’20, Helen Gillespie ’20, Katy Gilmore ’20, Hannah Freeman ’20
  • Poetry Writing – 3rd Place: Carmyn Harrison ’21
Latin Award Winners

Latin 1
  • Writing – 1st Place: Audrey Graves ’23
  • Writing – 2nd Place: Katherine DiMento ’23
  • Writing – 3rd Place: Olivia Sykes ’23
Latin 3
  • Writing – 3rd Place: Sydney Short ’21

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