Layla Truitt ’22 Can Do It All

An outstanding student, avid reader, star volleyball player, and strong leader, Layla Truitt lives up to the Hutchison mission of showing girls they can go anywhere they can imagine.
Since coming to Hutchison in 6th grade, Layla has continued to discover her passions both in and out of the classroom. During 7th grade when girls are required to choose Spanish or Chinese to study, Layla says it was a no-brainer which one she would select. “When I walked into Chinese class, something clicked, and I have loved learning the language ever since.” Now as a junior, she is enrolled in Advanced Honors Chinese and is on track to take AP Chinese next year.
In addition to Chinese, Layla’s class schedule is stacked with AP Environmental Science, AP Government, and AP Language & Composition. And her extracurricular schedule is just as impressive. She serves as the communications officer for the Honor Council and is a member of the Chinese Club, Bee Outdoors Club, and Library Advisory Board Club. Her passion for reading is well known as some staff members even go to her for book recommendations, and she says sci-fi/fantasy is her favorite genre. “My love for reading really came out in middle school. In Ms. McCausland’s 8th grade English class, she gave us a challenge of reading 25 books, and I ended up reading 100 books that year. I just love the story that comes from a good book.”
Perhaps her greatest passion outside of school is volleyball. She plays for the Hutchison varsity team and for the Memphis Metro club team. She has been playing the sport for six years and currently spends about 10-12 hours a week either practicing or participating in games. “I love the camaraderie and team aspect of the sport. In volleyball, you can’t play by yourself. It is a true team sport. Every time I step on to the court with my teammates, I feel that adrenaline rush and know we are in this together, and we can do whatever we want as a team.”
Layla is a hard worker and dedicated to always doing her best. She says Hutchison has played a great part in helping her try new things and manage such a full schedule. “I am at a loss for words when I think about my Hutchison experience. Every level of my school has prepared me to be the person I am today. Every year since I have been here, I have become a better, more well-rounded person. All the teachers and faculty have played a major part in that.”

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