Hutchison Dancers RISE to the Occasion

Several of our girls were among a select group of students who danced alongside Collage Dance Collective for this year’s RISE program at Germantown Performing Arts Center.
It’s a good thing Kaitlyn Johnson, ’27 has her “study notes dancing in her head.” This fifth grader has a lot on her plate! She is studying figurative language, diseases of the digestive system, the Civil Rights Movement, PLUS attending four hours of dance rehearsals every night this week.

Kaitlyn, Kylee Gleeton '29, Morgan Perry ’26, and Zoey Sisnett, ’29, are part of the Collage Dance Collective performing this weekend at GPAC. The girls say they are very excited about the opportunity to share the stage with Collage's esteemed group of professional dancers, the only international touring dance company in Memphis. But they also appreciate the hard work required.

“I am balancing my RISE rehearsals with my school assignments by writing my RISE and my school schedules on my whiteboard at home so that l’ll know how my week will be,” says Zoey, who is currently working on comparing fractions in math, learning about nonfiction writing, and studying Memphis history.

Kaitlyn says she uses all her so called “support devices” to keep things in order. “I use my brain, laptop, and my written calendar,” says Kaitlyn.” Oftentimes study notes travel with me on stage while I am dancing. The study notes are dancing in my head!”

Morgan and her classmates are studying plate tectonics (earthquakes and volcanoes) and Greek mythology. Morgan also stays busy with volleyball. “I’m excited about the performance and looking forward to it...just ready for it happen,” she says.

With this sort of discipline and determination, we are confident all four of these girls will “rise” to the occasion beautifully this weekend.

Hutchison has hosted the Collage Dance Collective’s summer workshop for more than six years. The RISE program will showcase the company’s “trademark style of juxtaposing innovation and tradition.”

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