Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls

Are you concerned about the stress levels in your daughter's life? Help is on the way. Renowned author and psychologist Lisa Damour, Ph.D., is coming to Hutchison for this free parent talk open to the Mid-South community.
Hutchison is honored to welcome Lisa Damour, Ph.D., a renowned author, psychologist, teacher, and consultant to our campus Thursday, January 23, to discuss the effects of stress and anxiety on adolescent girls. If you worry that your daughter is facing too much stress and anxiety in today’s world, you are definitely not alone.

A best-selling author and psychologist, Dr. Damour has published extensively on the topic of adolescent girls. She contends that a certain amount of stress and anxiety is healthy; what matters is how your daughter, and you, react to that stress.

Dr. Damour’s most recent book, Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls, is an accessible guide for parents who want to help their daughters navigate everyday struggles.

“The bottom line is that psychologists understand, and have long understood, that stress and anxiety are both normal and healthy functions,” says Dr. Damour. “They both can reach troublesome degrees, and even when they do, we’re really good at treating them. But stress and anxiety are part of life, so stress is what happens when we operate at the edge of our capacities – any time that we take on something that requires us to adapt, to stretch, to grow, we will feel stressed by it.”

Dr. Damour will address parents in a free event that is open to the entire Mid-South community. Her talk is titled “Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls.” 

Novel will also be in attendance at the event for anyone who would like to purchase a book at Dr. Damour’s talk. If you’d like to order books in advance, you can order them locally through Novel's website here:

For more information, please contact news@hutchisonschool.org.

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