A Glimpse of Chinese Culture

This spring, 12 upper school girls traveled to China to experience the rich Chinese culture and learn about Chinese history.
The girls and their faculty advisers flew into Beijing where they went to Tiananmen Square, toured the Forbidden City, explored old parts of town, hiked the Great Wall, and visited the Olympic Park from the 2008 Olympics.
From there, they took a sleeper train to Xi’an, one of the oldest (if not the oldest) city in China. There they saw the terracotta warriors, visited the oldest Buddhist pagoda in China, shopped in the Muslim quarters, went to the Chinese History Museum, and biked on the Medieval city wall.
Continuing on with their trip, they flew to Shanghai – China’s biggest city – where they spent four days doing a variety of activities. They visited one of the premier public high schools, and the girls participated in a home visit with a student and her family for dinner at the end of the day. The next day, they toured a middle school where each girl was paired with a student to read English books together.
The rest of the trip included tours of the city and a nearby water town along with an unanticipated stay in the Chinese government’s State Hotel.

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