Elizabeth Austin '20 is a Girl Who Means Business

She was among the 27 high school girls honored this week by the Memphis Business Journal (MBJ) for their exemplary academic and extracurricular achievements and community involvement.
In all that Elizabeth does, her approach is one of problem-solving and creativity. Her sixth-grade science fair project is an excellent example: Elizabeth worked for weeks to build a robot that would turn off a lamp. She cajoled her father to make trips to Radio Shack, worked through setbacks with her teacher, and tried numerous avenues until she had a robot that worked. However, the robot still could not turn out her bedroom lamp. Elizabeth went the extra mile and built her own lamp, which in combination with the robot was a success. That same combination of scientific investigation and perseverance led to her creation of a robotic hand, and a robotic eye, and a solar-powered hand-washing station on our school farm in later years.
“Designing and building the wash station at the farm presented me with many roadblocks," says Elizabeth. "However, through my creativity and determination, I was able to solve the problems I ran into while implementing my design. My individual leadership style bridges my passions with problem solving, and it allows me to think beyond myself in innovative and original ways.”

In addition to her talents in the STEM subjects, Elizabeth is a talented artist. She makes original costumes for school productions, performs on the harp for school events, and is a member of our school’s modern dance program. Off campus, Elizabeth participates in kickboxing and completes service work at animal shelters.

Congratulations to Elizabeth and all the honorees in the Girls Who Mean Business inaugural class! 

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