Eighth Grader Merges Love for Art and Science

Hutchison eighth grader Zoe Ford is an award-winning scientist, passionate musician, and creative problem solver.
While in Dr. Becky Deehr's science class last year, Zoe worked on her science fair project involving microbial fuel cells. For this project, Zoe discovered a way to convert energy into electric energy using bacteria and electrodes. This spring, she presented her project at the Memphis and Shelby County Science Fair where she won first place!

"I chose this project because I have always been interested in bacteria and renewable energy sources. I thought this would give me more insight to the struggles scientists go through every day to help the earth."

In addition to her love of science, Zoe has a passion for music that began at a young age. She credits listening to The Beatles to inspiring her to sing and learn to play five musical instruments (violin, electric bass guitar, piano, upright bass, and drums).

At Hutchison, Zoe brings her love of science and the arts together by participating in the Destination Imagination (DI) program through our Center for Excellence. Hutchison's award-winning DI program challenges students to combine creativity, problem solving, and teamwork in order to complete a challenge chosen by their team. Zoe says DI encourages her to tap in to her visual and artistic skills while she mixes her passions of science and art.

"DI Is a fun and enhancing experience that has allowed me to learn to become better at sewing and practice my acting and performance skills. I am able to mix my passions and use my scientific knowledge to help my team complete a scientific challenge."

We can't wait to see where Zoe's passions take her next at Hutchison!

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