Middle School Girls Shake Things Up in Science Class!

Middle school girls have been shaking things up in science class this year! FIFTY THREE of our budding scientists and engineers in Middle School received awards at the Memphis and Shelby County Science Fair at Christian Brothers University.
Each girl presented a science or engineering project of her choosing that utilized the scientific method or the engineering design process at the Memphis and Shelby County Science Fair at Christian Brothers University. The subject of each project could be from their studies in earth science, astronomy, environmental science, or engineering. They spent time in science class this year exploring how structures are built to withstand earthquakes. Some girls incorporated these class studies into their science project plans and used various household materials to build structures that would withstand an "earthquake" simulated using a shake table. They even had the opportunity to present their projects to professionals, professors, undergraduate, and graduate students from the Memphis community.
Learning by doing is a hallmark of a Hutchison education. The girls showed ingenuity and strong engineering skills for the earthquake project. As each structure was mounted on the shake stable, the girls drew their collective breaths and cheered each other on. This supportive learning environment helps girls do their best work. Graduates site the ability to try new ideas without fear of failure as one of the most valuable lessons the learned at Hutchison.
Memphis and Shelby County Science Fair at Christian Brothers University Award Winners

The blue ribbon winners at the fair are also nominees for the Broadcom MASTERS national science and engineering fair competition. Science fairs around the country nominate top students in grades 6-8 to enter this prestigious competition. The nomination designates the project as among the top 10% of middle school science fair projects in the United States.

Blue Ribbons (1st Place)
• Emily Grace Cater '23
• Sarah Bartusch '23
• Zoe Ford '23
• Emily Wilson '24
• Izzy Ellis '24

Red Ribbons (2nd Place)
• Sara Byrnes '23
• Katie Frazer '23
• Keller Crosby '24
• Bailey Wiener '24
• Jordan Deupree '24
• Meriel Rowland '24
• Harper Hesser '24
• Camille Judge '24
• Caroline Kim '24
• Sakshi Singh '24
• Amelia Losch '24
• Shifa Qureshi '24
• Alex Wallace '24
• Mary Ross Whipple '24
• Adela Calzada '24
• Hira Janjua '24
• Corinne Rhodes '24

White Ribbons (3rd Place)
• Kendyl Brown '23
• Helen Kastner '23
• Sienna Smith '24
• Maddie Lee '24
• Lindsay Robertson '24
• Sophie Siler '24
• Sophia Rains '24
• Inaaya Saeed '24
• Blair Mellone '24
• Midori Jones '24
• Maddie Grace Merriman '24
• Lauren Dukes '24
• Noorain Gill '24

Yellow Ribbons (4th Place)
• Ana Christi Hunter '23
• Lucie Lamberson '23
• Margaret Roux '23
• Ruthie Richey '24
• Alexis Parent '24
• Addison Hart '24
• Chloe Frandsen '24
• Lawrence Speake '24
• Amelia Wilkinson '24
• Je Je Warner '24
• Annie Brundick '24
• Gracie Wilkinson '24

Green Ribbons (5th Place)
• Lacy Williams '23
• Morgan Robinson '24
• Kaki Lackie '24
• Ann Grier Johnston '24
• Amelia Crabtree '24
• Ella Dobbs '24

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