Model UN Teaches Our Girls About Global Issues

Our middle and upper school girls are involved annually in Model United Nations (Model UN), a program that gives the girls opportunities to participate in debate and open discussion of international issues while helping them to become more knowledgeable global citizens.
Middle School

Hutchison seventh graders get involved with Model UN as a part of their class activities. Girls research countries and develop solutions for problems revealed by their research. Girls then present their findings as essays, videos, and posters. They also present their resolutions at the Model UN conference. The process reinforces their research skills, writing skills, multimedia communication skills, and develops their skills in civil discourse.

Hutchison's Middle School sent 105 delegates representing 38 countries to the YMCA Model United Nations. Of the 18 resolutions which rose to General Assembly, 9 belonged to Hutchison. The Hutchison delegation also included 6 outstanding delegates and 1 outstanding resolution.

The following delegations rose to General Assembly:

Malawi: Rehabilitating Healthcare in Malawi
  • Layla Truitt
  • Madison Bright
  • Hannah Putman
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Reducing Crime Rate through Economic Development
  • Kendyl Brown
  • Addie Halliday
  • Laura Grace Stafford
Haiti: A Resolution to Improve the Healthcare in Haiti
  • Zoe Gilmore
  • Betsy Grimes
  • Avery Clinton
Ukraine: Establishing Foster and Adoption Programs for Orphaned Children in Ukraine
  • Sara Byrnes
  • Virginia Billions
  • Sarah Bartusch
Mexico: Pollution and the Effect It Is Having on Mexicans and Why They Are Migrating to the United States
  • Josie McCarroll
  • Bella Harriman
  • Lily Rodenhiser
Sierra Leone: Building Permanent Shelter for Displaced Persons of Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Curren Ligon
  • Shubhi Singh
  • Stephanie Woodbury
Uganda: Improving Mental Health in Uganda for Orphans
  • Claire Klemis
  • Lawson Bolton
  • Caroline Brickey
  • Camille Mattingly
Chad: Water Insecurity in Chad and Chad's Neighboring Countries
  • Ella Luter
  • Breland Myers
  • Caroline Erb
Oman: Limiting the Amount of Times Expatriates Can Renew Visas
  • Riley Coopwood
  • Sarah Davis McAllister
  • Eliza Hussey
Upper School

Twenty one upper school girls attended the 37th annual YMCA Model United Nations conference. The girls participated in various capacities including 5 delegations representing various countries, 2 international lawyer teams, and 1 Vice President of the General Assembly.

Among those 21 girls there were 4 lawyers, 16 delegates, and 1 officer; these girls were able to come home with multiple awards:

Outstanding resolution: Alex Weiss, Savannah Hall, and Heather Guglietti
Outstanding resolution: Gardner Dunavant, Courtney Davis, and Grace Clement
Outstanding delegate: Caroline Couch

In addition to these awards, 5 resolutions passed their committees and made it to General Assembly, and 4 of the 5 resolutions passed General Assembly.

Sarah Harris, Nicole Curlee, Grace Clement, and Olivia Fonville collectively won the argument of Maritime Delimitation (2), Sovereignty over the shoals of Dibaul, Sovereignty over Qit'at Jaradah, Sovereignty over Janan, and Sovereignty of the Hawar Islands in their case of Qatar V. Bahrain in the International Court of Justice.

Way to go, girls!

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