The Hutchison May Day Tradition

Hutchison’s May Day tradition dates back to 1924 when it began at Miss Hutchison’s Preparatory School for girls as a dance recital.
In 1949, our very first May Queen was crowned and the kindergarten class began serving as flower girls. The event now includes a ballet by our kindergarten, second and fourth grade girls, a dance by our senior class around the Maypole, a presentation of the May Court, and the crowning of our May Queen.

The May Day tradition at Hutchison is a celebration of Spring and new beginnings, especially for the seniors whose journeys at Hutchison are coming to a close. This tradition also illustrates the strong bonds our girls have formed while here, both amongst their own classmates and with girls from other divisions.

Each year the senior class selects the May Court, and the entire Upper School selects the queen, a young woman who has had a positive influence on our school community both in and out of the classroom. This year, Ruthie Montague ’17 was selected as May Queen. Her May Court includes Laura Carrier ’17 and Brittany Harano ’17. Ruthie will lead the 2017 May Day celebration at Hutchison.

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