Famous Women in History Visit Lower School

Famous female political leaders, musicians, dancers, athletes, chefs, actresses, and more made their appearances in 4th Grade recently. Even Lucy from I Love Lucy stopped by!
Fourth graders at Hutchison brought their favorite women in history to life during our annual 4th Grade Famous Women in History event. In history class, fourth graders have been learning about United States history. After picking a famous person from their chosen state, each girl completed research, created an elaborate costume, and presented their favorite woman to the rest of Lower School. Many of the girls chose famous people who they view as role models. Costumes ranged from political leaders, musicians, and dancers, to philanthropists, athletes, and chefs. The comical impressions of Julia Child and Faith Hill in particular created laughter among the Lower School students and teachers in the audience.

At the event this afternoon Head of Lower School Ann Marie Crump encouraged the girls by letting them know they can do anything they set their minds to. The third graders expressed their excitement that they will have the opportunity to participate in this tradition next year. This unique project allows our fourth grade girls to explore U.S. history and historical figures while adding a creative spin that fosters a continued love of learning.


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