A Spring Tradition at Hutchison

Each year, Hutchison seniors celebrate their newfound relationship with their flower girls at the traditional Easter Egg Hunt on campus.
The flower girl tradition began with Mary Grimes Hutchison’s first graduating class in 1912. Every year, a rising senior is paired with a girl from early childhood to walk with at her graduation. They both wear white dresses and have flowers at the graduation ceremony, which has been held at Idlewild Presbyterian Church since 1929.

The Easter Egg hunt allows the girls to spend time together in anticipation for their big day. While the flower girls are excited to spend time with the older girls, Katy Nair, upper school assistant head says, “this is something none of the senior girls ever want to miss. They make sure to plan their lunches and studying around being here.”

Before the girls from early childhood come to hunt for eggs, seniors hide them throughout the courtyard. The girls hunt for eggs filled with candy and snack by the Joy fountain.

Senior Class President, Stewart Nichols ’17, vividly remembers her easter egg Hunt when she was a flower girl. She recalls spending time with her senior, Maggie Fesmire ’05, who was also the senior class president. She says, “these traditions make Hutchison unique. When I talk to alumnae, we can connect over the memories of these traditions like the luncheons and lace dresses.” This is what caused her to jump at the opportunity to hide the eggs today with other members of the senior class. This, and the many other Hutchison traditions, allow girls to serve as role models and create lifelong memories.


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