Katie Frazer ’23 Expands Her Leadership Skills Through University of Mississippi Summer Program

Katie Frazer ’23 was one of about 40 rising high school seniors selected to participate in the prestigious Lott Leadership Summer Institute program at the University of Mississippi this summer.
For Katie Frazer ’23, listening is a crucial skill in being a good leader. Through history and social science courses at Hutchison and the Lott Leadership Summer Institute at the University of Mississippi, she said she has learned about the importance of diverse perspectives. 

The Lott Leadership Summer Institute is a month-long program that brings together student leaders from across the U.S. to develop leadership skills while earning college credit. Rising high school seniors have opportunities to network with college administrators, student leaders, and community professionals while participating in current event debates, discussions, and decision-making activities. She also was able to meet the program’s namesake: Trent Lott, former Senate Majority Leader. Katie enjoyed her courses, which focused on political science and public speaking. By hearing from peers, the program helped broaden her perspective.

“It was great to be able to hear from people who have different beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds. I know this will prepare me for what I want to focus on in my career,” Katie said.

During her time at the summer institute, she had the opportunity to write and deliver speeches for her public speaking class and gained confidence in her abilities. She learned how to appear professional through body language and avoiding filler words like “uh” or “um.” Katie said these skills will benefit her in the career fields she is interested in, international business and medicine.

“I like to be able to take on a challenge and figure out how to solve it,” she said.

Katie met Trent Lott, former Senate Majority Leader, on a field trip to the Mississippi State Capitol. 

Starting this month, she will intern for Dabney Roberts Ring ’90, Senior Government Policy Advisor for the City of Memphis. Continuously since she started at Hutchison in Pre-Kindergarten, the school has pushed Katie to accomplish more than she ever imagined. She has had a busy summer in addition to the Lott Leadership Summer Institute, traveling to Germany for two weeks to stay with a local family and interviewing women business owners and executives for a project as part of Hutchison's Institute for Responsible Citizenship.

“I have had amazing teachers who have inspired me to reach out of my comfort zone,” she said.

At Hutchison, she is a member of Peer Council, She Leads, and Rogers Scholars. She also is a student-athlete on three varsity sports teams: tennis, cross country, and track. In May, Katie was honored with the Washington and Lee University Book Award, which recognizes a junior who demonstrates personal integrity and strength of character, academic excellence, leadership, honor, and significant involvement in community service. She said she feels confident about college with how well Hutchison has prepared her. 

“I feel like I could go to college now and succeed, but I am excited to have one more year left,” Katie said.

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