When Learning Is As Sweet As Honey

Second graders buzzed with curiosity and excitement after harvesting honey from the Hutchison farm during their study of bees. They were mesmerized by the process, from scraping beeswax off the hive frames to bottling honey to take home.
What better way to finish learning about bees than to see what their busy work produces... and get to share it with your family? Second graders have been working on an in-depth study of bees this year as part of their unit on plant growth and development.

The girls learned about the different body parts of a bee, how they construct their hives, and why their work as pollinators is a crucial part of nature. As a culmination of their studies, Alison Chesney, Hutchison's farm director, demonstrated how to harvest honey from the beehives that she cares for on the farm. The girls then got to bring the honey home to their families!

You can view this story as it appeared in the December 2021 issue of the Hutchison magazine on pages 8 and 9.

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