Computer Science Adventures in Lower School

As with many academic adventures at Hutchison, a weeklong lesson on computer science and coding transformed into an interdisciplinary exploration for our girls as teachers from various subjects incorporated coding activities into their day-to-day lessons.
Right before the break, our lower school girls participated in Computer Science Education Week during which they worked with students all over the world as they learned more about computer science and coding.

In P.E. with Ms. Parsons, the girls learned different dances and each dance had a symbol. Girls would take turns being the programmer and pointing to different symbols while the other group of girls would be the machine and have to follow the program. In science class, Ms. Wesson taught the girls about looping, debugging, programming, and coding. Fourth graders learned about artificial intelligence (AI) and completed an exercise where they trained a machine to sort pollution and sea animals. In Spanish class, Senora Chelsoi had third graders connect their Spanish transportation unit with a coding activity.

Learning coding and computer science skills allows girls to break into often male-dominated industries. Read about how previous Hutchison graduates have gone on to work in technology here.

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