From Cucumber to Pickle: An Opportunity to Learn and Share

When Ms. Prewitt’s Pre-Kindergarten class went to the farm recently to look at carrots they had planted, Mrs. Riddle, the director of environmental education and sustainability, was in a bit of a pickle. She said she desperately needed help with her crop of cucumbers. 
The Pre-K girls ended up picking almost 20 cucumbers. But what to do with them? When Ms. Prewitt told the girls that pickles are made from cucumbers, the girls raised their eyebrows. Really? “How do you do that?” they asked.

They decided to try their hands at pickling. They followed a recipe, incorporating both literacy and math skills, to create their pickles. Using all of their senses, they mixed spices, garlic, and onions, pickling salt and vinegar, along with the cucumbers to make refrigerator dill pickles. There were so many jars of pickling cucumbers left over, they wanted to share.

They have been practicing being kind to others and remembered the phrase “Sharing is Caring.” They decided to deliver some pickles to Dr. Ring outside her office. Mrs. Forgette, the upper school head, happened to be in Dr. Ring's office at the time, so she also received a jar! The girls even went full circle and shared a jar with Mrs. Riddle too.

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