English Teacher Named Belz-Lipman Holocaust Award Winner

Lauren Huddleston, an English teacher in our middle school, is the recipient of a 2020 Belz-Lipman Holocaust Educator Award from the Tennessee Holocaust Commission. This award is reserved for outstanding educators in the field of Holocaust education.
Ms. Huddleston became deeply interested in the Holocaust as a middle school student herself and hopes to impart the same importance of empathy, integrity, and critical thinking to her own students. In her 7th grade English class, the Holocaust unit of study typically includes a book study where each girl chooses a Holocaust-themed book and reads it in small literature circle groups. The history is always studied alongside literature to provide appropriate context.
In years past, Ms. Huddleston and her 7th graders have welcomed Jack Cohen, first generation Holocaust survivor, and Rachel Shankman, second generation Holocaust survivor, to campus to share their stories and answer student questions. During these special presentations, the girls have had the opportunity not only to commemorate the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust, but also honor the courageous survivors and heroes of this dark time in history.
With the cash stipend Ms. Huddleston receives as a Belz-Lipman award winner, she plans to sponsor a professional development opportunity through Facing History and Ourselves that will enable other Memphis teachers to receive high-quality training to teach the Holocaust.

We invite you to watch this video produced by the Tennessee Holocaust Commission featuring Ms. Huddleston and the other award-winning teachers.

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